Thirty Five.

When Sadie Woke

When Sadie woke, Jane was kneeling by the bed stacking the stolen money back in the bag. “So,” Sadie rolled toward her, “how much do we have?” Jane leaned over and kissed her.

“Ok.” Sadie said, kissing her back. “Was it something I said?” The women smiled and kissed again. Sadie stood and pulled the blanket sending the money into the air and fluttering across the motel room. She and Jane fell back on the bed, Sadie on top of Jane.

“Uhn.” Jane said when they landed.

“Sorry. Forgot about your ribs.” She leaned down and kissed Jane’s bruises, then brushed her lips across Jane’s skin and her cheek across Jane’s stomach.

Jane’s grunts of pain turned to moans of pleasure. Sadie leaned forward and kissed her lips. Jane pulled off Sadie’s tank top and rolled over so she was on top. Jane kissed her way down Sadie’s body. When she reached her butterfly tattoo, she pulled off Sadie’s shorts and turned on MTV. They started to sixty-nine just as the Top Twenty Countdown started. Jane came twice before number eighteen and Sadie came hard during number fifteen. They slept through the rest of the countdown, then woke and had sex again. Then once more in the late afternoon.

“There’s so much here, I keep losing count.” Jane finished putting the money in the bag and slid it under the bed. “This should go far.”

Sadie smiled at her. “Yeah, we just have to decide where.”

“Where do you want to go?”

Sadie scanned the room. “I don’t know, but we can’t stay here.” She smiled at Jane. “Don’t get me wrong, I like laying around fucking you all day, but I need to mix it up some, too.”

“I hear you. We gotta make plans, find out what’s up, and get going somewhere. Rolling stones…”


“Rolling stones…gather no moss. That’s what Daddy used to say.”

“Papa was a rolling stone?”

“Papa was a paratrooper.”

“Ahh. Death from Above and all that shit.”


“Ever been to Baltimore?”

“Baltimore? No.”

“I have a friend there: Gina. You’d like her. She’s cool. We met a few months ago, just before I headed this way.”

“Baltimore, huh? I like seafood. Speaking of food, you hungry?” Jane grabbed a menu from the nightstand.

“Sure, why not.”

“Should I call Elvis?”

“Oh God, Elvis? Is he still down there? Doesn’t he ever go home?”

“I know, pathetic. He left ten messages last night asking if we needed anything.” Jane got an idea. “We could fun him up a little, mess with him some.” She raised a mischievous eyebrow. “Maybe a little role reversal.”

“Hmm,” Sadie smiled. “That’s not really my thing.” When Sadie saw the disappointment in Jane’s expression she offered a compromise. “I guess we could scare him a little, make him think he’s going to get…”

“Yay,” Jane jumped up and down and clapped her hands a few times in excitement. Sadie felt like she just gave her a birthday present. Sadie shrugged, “It might be fun. He is pretty pathetic.”

“Yeah, and he thinks he’s all that.” Jane swaggered in front of the mirror. “I am Elvis. I will see to it myself.” She slapped her chest, then laughed.

Sadie laughed, too. “He could probably use a good ass fucking. But not today. Call him up though, I have a little shopping list for him.”

When Elvis knocked later Jane answered wearing a see-through teddy. Elvis stared at her tits, then squeaked that blue was his favorite color.

“Why thank yewww,” Jane said in an exaggerated southern drawl. “Did you get all the items?”

“Yes. Yes.” He said anxiously. “You know, there is only one adult shop in town and, um, supplies were very limited.”

“Well, let’s see how you did.” Jane took the bag and let him in. She bolted the door and walked to the bed. Sadie was lounging there, arms folded behind her head, watching a repeat of Top Twenty Countdown.

Jane pulled a big black dildo out of the bag. “Look what Elvis brought.”

“Perfect,” Sadie said, smiling at Jane.

“Pretty intimidating, huh?” Jane slapped the dildo against her hand.

“Yeah, I’m jealous it’s not for me.” She glanced at Elvis.

“Yeah,” Jane said, “Me too.” Then she glanced at Elvis. He was so excited that it took a moment for the implication to sink in. When it did, he froze like a deer in the headlights, staring at the dildo.

“Elvis?” Jane stroked the dildo. Elvis glanced at her, then at Sadie, then back at the dildo. He repeated this several times before licking his lips nervously and looking toward the door. When he turned back, Sadie and Jane were standing on either side of him.

Sadie reached into the bag. “What else you got here, Elvis?” He thought about the shopping list and stared at the bag. Sadie spread the items across the bed: hand cuffs, whip, ball gag. Elvis continued to stare at the bag. When Sadie pulled out the leather harness and cock ring big enough to hold the giant dildo, Elvis had an epiphany.

When Jane touched his shoulder he screamed like a little girl and ran out of the room.

Sadie laughed, “That was too easy.”

Jane giggled and tapped Sadie on the arm with the big black dildo. “See, I told you it would be fun.” She tapped her again with the dildo, “Want to have some more fun?”

Sadie and Jane sat on the love seat a few hours later and shared a beer, the dildo centered on the table like a trophy, still mounted in the harness. “So, you’re pretty good with that strap on.”

Jane smiled, “Practice. Practice. Practice.”

“Well, Honey,” Sadie lifted her beer, “here’s to practice.”

“Right back at you.” Jane took the beer and toasted Sadie, then tipped the can toward the big black dildo on the table. “And here’s to you,…my fine sir.”

Jane added, “Elvis doesn’t know what he missed. Can I call and tell him?”

“You know what? I’m sick of Elvis, and I’m sick of this room. I need some fresh air.”

Jane perked up. “Would you like to eat out tonight, Sadie?”

“Yeah. Let’s go to that diner next door. We can talk to the truckers, maybe find out what happened at the bar. We might be holed up here for nothing.”

“Yeah,” Jane nodded, “It would be nice to get out of here.”

“Well, pretty lady,” Sadie said, pulling on her jeans and boots and throwing her bag over her shoulder, “can I buy you dinner?”

The diner had hazy plastic windows and a painted plywood floor, with fake tropical plants in each corner covered in grease. The waitress was a cute blonde about ten months pregnant. Her name tag said “Cherry” and her southern drawl was long and slow. Her questions poured like honey. When she delivered the iced tea to Jane she asked, “Yoo wont a straawww witthaaat?”

“Yeah, thanks, Sweetie.”

“Wood yooo lack a straawww, tyoo?” She nodded to Sadie’s Coke.

“No. I’m cool.”

Sadie turned her attention to Jane. “So, tell me about yourself. Where you from?”

“Columbus, Georgia. Then Fayetteville. Then Germany. Tacoma. Back to Columbus.”

“Army brat. I forgot.”

“Yeah. Daddy was a paratrooper. And a Ranger. And a drill sergeant. And Momma was a good little Army wife.”

“And what were you?”

“I was a slut.” Jane smiled. “I was sick of moving around so much, making new friends all the time. So I turned it into a game.” She took a sip of iced tea. “I tried to find the biggest dick in school.” She shrugged her shoulders. “I know, it was dumb. But it was something to do.”

“Yeah? What’d you learn?”

“I like pussy.” They both laughed.

“You found out in high school, huh?”


“Was it traumatic?”

“No. Not really.” Jane thought about it. “Actually, it was fun for a while. I mean for a little while there I was confused, but most of that was just denial.” Jane sipped her tea again. “What about you?”

“Oh, I’m still in denial.” They laughed.

“It must be nice not having to choose.”

“No, you still have to make a choice.”

“Yeah, well, I like the choice you made recently.” Jane batted her eyes.

“Yeah?” Sadie smiled, then nodded. “So anyway, what about the biggest dick in high school?”

“Well, I found out most of them are big dicks, but few actually have big dicks. Mostly they were just average and inexperienced. And, I learned, it’s better to make them all feel average. Otherwise, they’re unbearable.”

“Yeah, even after high school.”

“You have issues with men, too? Like I have to ask.”

“No issues with men, just boys.” Sadie stared at her Coke, stirred the ice cubes with her finger. “…Boys like Elvis, who think they’re men. No, no issues.” She took a sip of Coke. “In fact, I’d like to meet a real man.” She smiled at Jane, “You know, someone who can take a right hook.”

“Yeah, I hear you.” Jane rubbed her jaw.

“…Instead of these little boners sniffing my ass like a dog.”

“Speaking of sniffing dogs,” Jane said, “Do you think Elvis has called the room yet to see if we need anything?”

“Exactly. That’s what I’m saying. Men have been crawling up my ass since I was twelve, even before that, with all the “Oh, what a pretty little girl” shit. A bunch of fucking dogs in heat.” Sadie combed her fingers through her hair and sighed. “Anyway, enough of that. Complaining don’t change it.” She raised her Coke, “Here’s to a world of pussy with an occasional breeder cock.” They tapped glasses and winked at each other.

After dinner, Cherry asked if they’d like some “oss Kereem” or “paah,” and she recommended the “pahcahn paah.”

“Yum,” Jane’s eyes lit up. “Pee-kan pie.”

Sadie shook her head. “Girl, you are insatiable.”

“I’ll show you ‘insatiable’.”


“…And again and again and again.” They looked at Cherry, still waiting to take their order. Cherry looked down at her swollen belly, then smiled as she wrote their order and waddled away to fill it.

“So,” Jane said to Sadie, “what’s your story?”

“Me? I sprang fully formed from Zeus’ head.”

Jane scanned Sadie’s body. “Must have been while he was jerking off.” She took a bite of pie.

Sadie smiled and looked at Jane’s pie. “Do I get a taste?”

Jane cut a piece with her fork and waved it at Sadie, teasing her. Sadie indulged for a moment, then grabbed the fork and ate the piece.

Cherry asked if they needed anything else. “No thanks, Sweetie,” Jane said, licking the fork. “Just the check.”

They left a hundred dollar tip and went out to the truck stop.

“You ladies are legends. No one ever seen a fight like that, yup.” The truck driver pushed his “Skoal” baseball cap up on his forehead then pulled it down again before spitting into a Styrofoam cup. When the cap was up, Jane saw the sweat stains on the underside of the bill.

“We wudn’t there,” the passenger added. “But I knowed somebody what was. Los’ five hunnerd and ain’t get his load in on time. But, Gaw Damn, he said, it wud worth it.”

Jane was standing on the running board on the driver’s side of the truck, the rumbling diesel was making her breasts jiggle. The passenger was enjoying the view illuminated by the dashboard lights. Jane leaned further into the cab to see his face. “Thank you, fellas. Say, could you do us a favor?”

“Anything you want, Ma’am.” The passenger blushed and looked away when she smiled at him.

“Could you get on the radio there and check around. See if anyone’s been asking about us.”

“Sure thing.” The trucker paused for a moment in thought, then nodded with complicity.

Jane looked down at Sadie, leaning against her Harley. They were surrounded by rigs parked, or idling, or creeping slowly along like prehistoric reptiles. Sadie felt all the eyes that were on them, smelled the cigars and diesel exhaust. She figured some truckers recognized them, but most were just enjoying the scenery.

“Well,” the driver said, replacing the handset, “there was some trouble after the fight. Some gun fire and such. Owner’s throat was cut. None’s sure if he’s dead or not, but a couple of ‘em was arrested and the bar been shut since.”

“Wow, you got all that?”

“You heard it, Ma’am. I ain’t lying.” He shifted his hat again and looked out the windshield.

“Aww. No, Sweetie, that’s not what I meant. I just meant that I couldn’t understand a thing they said. It was all garble to me. I’m just glad I had you to interpret.” Jane smiled again, easily regaining his confidence.

“Aw shucks, Ma’am.” The trucker laughed, exposing toothless gums. He blushed deep red, a blush that came from years of heavy drinking. “Tweren’t nuttin’, Ma’am.”

“Aw, so cute.” Jane pinched his cheek. “So anyway,” she said, looking at both men, “did they say anything else?”

“Only that they found some drugs and stuff.”

“Oh? But nothing about missing money?”

The trucker looked out the windshield again. “Naw,” he said, pausing between words, drawing each into its own sentence, “nothing… about no… missing money.” He sat silent, still looking forward.

“Hmm… Yeah…” Jane smiled back and forth to each man. “Anyway,” she said, shifting her stance on the running board and reaching two fingers down her tank top, “you boys have been so sweet.” As the men stared, she slowly drew out a small roll of hundred dollars bills. She slipped the money into the driver’s shirt pocket, then patted his chest and pinched his cheek. “Thanks again, boys.”

The driver blushed. “Anytime, Ma’am. Anytime.” Then he called down to Sadie, “Hey, you ladies need a lift? I’m heading north. We could throw your scooter in back. It’s empty.”

“No,” Sadie said flatly. Then added, ‘We’re going the other way.” Really, she was going up to scope out Baltimore. Jane had to stop in Florida to see her parents and promised to hook back up with Sadie as soon as possible. But that was none of their fucking business.

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