I Am a Man

I am a man.
I smell like a man
Like lumber, grease, sweat.
I work long, hard hours
And suffer lower back pain.

These hands are rough and calloused.
This skin is always dry.
My beard is getting long
And my head is going bald.
This body is hard with angles
And rippled edges,
And I expect more
Than it can ever deliver.

I am a man.
I wear boots and jeans
And wear them down to rags.
I drink beer and read Playboy,
Sometimes I even grunt.
I like guns, football, boxing,
And I love motorcycles,
Big, big motorcycles.

I am a man,
And I do not climb mountains,
I conquer them.
I am egotistical, selfish
And I have no idea what women want.

I am a man,
And I frustrate easily.
I am confused, absent minded,
Careless, callous, carnivorous,
And I break everything I touch.

I am a man,
And I do not go gentle
Into anything.

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