Mann Becomes a Man

When Joe completed probation, Gina threw a party. It was her party, but we were invited. Gina was a senior; I was fourteen. The party people were Gina’s friends, all her age, but we knew most of them. They were older, mostly seniors and drop outs. Some bikers too that Gina knew through Duke. He was long gone though, in jail forever at this point. And I had grown up a lot. So had Gina. But I was still just her little cousin’s buddy.

Joe and I stood around looking tough, but really we were bored. Everyone was just hanging out and getting drunk. I missed Duke. He knew how to have fun. These guys just talked and drank and messed with chicks, which was cool but I wanted more.

“Joe, you bored?”

“Yeah,” He said, leaning in the corner drinking a beer. “I bet I could take that big fucker there.” He pointed his beer at a dude in leather talking to Gina in the kitchen doorway. When I looked over the dude looked at me. He saw Joe pointing and thought I was talking shit. He rolled out of the doorway and circled the room in an exaggerated gesture, then stepped in front of me. He was a foot taller and had fifty pounds on me.

“What up?” he asked, squaring in front of me.

“Nothing. What’s up with you?” I responded, switching to street posture. Duke taught me that attitude is half the fight. Duke said, “Mann, do you really think I’m as crazy as everyone thinks.” And I responded, “Yeah,” but I knew what he meant. It was easier to defeat someone if they were already scared. You’ve got to be crazier than they are.

So when this big fucker stepped to me, I pushed my attitude hard. I didn’t know what his deal was but I didn’t like him in my face.

“You looking for trouble, punk?” he said, stepping closer. I knew Joe was nearby and hungry to pounce, but this was my fight. He continued, “What’s your problem? Do you think you’re some sort of tough guy?”

“Nope. Just a guy,” I kept eye contact with him, not letting him know I was scared. Attitude is half the fight.

He stood glaring. Everyone else was staring. I blinked slowly and lifted my chin. He was trying to scare me, put me in my place as younger and weaker, but he would have to beat me into that position. Duke taught me that too. “Don’t give up your manhood for no fucker,” he said. “If he wants to treat you like a bitch, make him beat you like a bitch. And still don’t submit. You got that? Once a bitch, always a bitch.”

When I remembered those words, the fear died. Something clicked inside and everything settled down. For a moment I was invincible…Still don’t submit.

I glared back. He glared. Everyone stared. I felt Joe nearby, waiting. I saw Gina in the doorway, waiting. Everyone was waiting. The dude kept glaring. I waited a moment, took a breath, then said, “You’re boring me.”

He frowned like he didn’t understand. His eyebrows pinched. I watched the words sink in. “You’re boring me.” He replayed them in his head. “You’re boring me.” When he finally understood, he laughed and took a half step back. “Why you little motherfucker,” he said, then repeated the words, “You’re boring me.” He laughed again, stepped back again and took a drink of beer. “Little mother fucker,” he tipped his beer and nodded, turned and walked out of the room and out of the house.

I looked at Joe. He tipped his beer too, then took a drink, and in no time the party was alive and boring again. I looked over at Gina in the doorway. She was still looking at me. I think that dude was her date. I couldn’t tell if she was pissed. She shook her head a couple of times, looked at her beer, then looked at me again and smiled. I smiled back but I didn’t know why. Then I walked over to Joe and finished my beer. When he left to take a piss and I went over to the cooler for another.

“Hey, ever have a Quaalude?” Gina asked, as she came up to me at the cooler.

“No. How do they feel?”

“Beautiful. You want one?”

“I don’t know. How much do they cost?”

“It’s on me.” She held the pill to my mouth. I opened. She put it in. Her fingers touched my lips. I looked into her eyes. I’d never really looked at her before. Or maybe I felt like she had never really looked at me before. Her eyes were soft, green, and beautiful. She held her fingers there for a moment then dropped her arm slowly, trailing a finger down the front of me. She stopped at my stomach.

“You’re kind of cute.” She said, poking her finger playfully. She was obviously drunk. “I guess I never noticed. Well, I noticed, but, well…” I could tell she was feeling pretty good. But not as good as I was feeling. I wasn’t sure what to do. I knew all the mechanics involved in getting laid, but I’d never actually done it. And besides, this was Gina. She was going to see me for the young, inexperienced punk she always thought I was. I used to think of her when I masturbated. She used to ignore me.

“How old are you?”

“Fourteen.” I said. She cupped my crotch.

“You’re pretty big for fourteen.” I was pretty sure I knew what she meant, but I was always tall, and I had been working out a lot. And besides, this was Gina. I wasn’t even sure if this was real. But, the more she rubbed my crotch the more convinced I got. This shit was real. Gina was touching my dick.

She led me downstairs to the basement, into the back room, near the washer and dryer. She leaned me up against the washer and kissed me. I got lightheaded and a little dizzy. My stomach soared a few times. Gina was licking my mouth, feeding me her tongue, rubbing her body against me, grabbing at my chest, rubbing my arms, my stomach, my crotch. She kissed my neck, my shoulder, my chest. She unbutton my jeans. I heard the zipper peel away, felt her hand slide into my underwear. When she touched my cock, my knees gave slightly. I regained myself, but Gina noticed.

“Don’t worry, Mann, this won’t hurt.” She kissed me lightly on the lips, then knelt down and took me in her mouth. It was warm, soft, and velvety. She slid her hand back and forth with her mouth. I watched her head moving back and forth, saw myself disappear under her curly black hair, then reappear glistening. I was afraid to move. Afraid to touch her. Afraid to do anything that might interrupt, for fear she would stop. I stood watching her do to me what she must have done to Duke, what I only ever fantasized she’d do to me. I was so stiff I could feel it all the way down between my legs.

Gina was enjoying it as much as I was. She was moaning or humming slightly, sliding her hand back and forth, caressing my balls, lifting and massaging them. And my head was swimming. I was certain I was going to cum soon. But I didn’t. It felt so good, too good, but I still didn’t cum. Then I remembered the Quaalude. It must have relaxed me because Gina sucked on me for half an hour. I was so hard it ached. It felt so good I didn’t notice that Gina had started touching herself. She twitched a little and started jerking me faster. I had to reach back and hold onto the washer. Finally, she stopped sucking and looked up at me.

“I need you inside of me.” She stood next to me and let her jeans drop to her ankles. Then she turned around and leaned over the dryer. I stood behind her and fumbled with things. I was thinking too much about the fact that I was fucking her, and not focusing enough on actually getting inside, and subsequently, I kept missing. I felt Gina reach between her legs, take hold and guide it in. I pushed when she started to moan.

“Whoa. Gentle. Take it easy. We’ll get there.”

“Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s ok. It’s cool. Just take it slow for a minute. That’s it. In and out. In and out. Uhn. That’s it.”

I felt the rhythm she was dictating with her hips. She rocked back and forth, pushing her ass against my stomach and slowly gyrating. Her moaning increased, and her rhythm began to increase, too. Her shoulder muscles tightened as she pushed against the basement wall for leverage, then pushed into me harder, banging her ass against me. Her moaning got louder and turned into “Oh God’s” and “Fuck Me’s.” Her back arched and she turned her head from side to side, throwing her long hair back and forth. I flashed back to fourth grade and Joe reading us the porno at recess. I thought about the girls in the videos Joe and I watched in his bedroom. We joked that they were faking it. But, Gina wasn’t. She was having an orgasm, and it was my fault. I was making Gina cum.

And of course, as soon as I realized that, I exploded inside of her, thrusting against her with each intense shot. It felt like gallons were going into her. I was swimming in the moment, head spinning, balls tingling. I kept pushing and moaning and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. And the whole time I was cumming, the only thing I could think about was Gina cumming. The arch of her back, her hair tossing, her body driving itself onto me. All I could think about was her hunger, her hunger for me. Like she must have been hungry for Duke.

I leaned against her for a moment, feeling spent. I felt myself go limp inside of her. When it finally slipped out, Gina stepped aside and pulled up her jeans. She said “thanks” and disappeared into the party upstairs.

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